FlexiDesign helps semi-automatically convert 2D CAD drawings to parametric, feature-based 3D models.

FlexiDesign provides:

  • Tools to automate selection of part geometry

  • Automated and semi-automated drawing geometry correction

  • Automated feature detection

  • Complete control to users to select all or a portion of the features detected

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FlexiDesign Overview

PD Porter Click Here to avail our discounted Pricing for PD Porter

PD Porter software assists the CAD engineer in managing 3D models in a CAD platform such as PTC. PD Porter helps update any part or assembly file opened in these CAD platforms with new PMI data such as:

  • Vendor to vendor formatting

  • Project to project formatting

  • Application of fixed formatting based on distribution, layout and/or type

  • Duplication of formatting for tabular 3D part files

  • Replacing formatting of imported 3D geometry (alternate CAD system)

  • Advanced template configuration for new assembly and part files

  • Preliminary search and/or query functionality

  • Update and display annotative notes with paragraph formatting

An especially exciting use case for PD Porter is the efficient transfer of PMI data in updating existing Non-MBD models to MBD.

To learn more, please click on the PD Porter tab above. Click here to see more videos of PD Porter in Action