Thank you for buying PD Porter for Creo 2.0

  1. Download PD Porter here

  2. During the install Proceedure, the installer will prompt you to select the current location of the Creo Install directory if it does not find one. For example, "C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Common Files\{CreoVersion}".

  3. Start Creo From the batch File you use to start Creo. Imagecom stores its PTC batch files in the following location. "C:\_Modelers\Common\ProE StartUp Directory". This directory must be a directory wherein you have permissions to store trail files

  4. Once Creo Is Started, Navigate to the tools ribbon and select "License Information". Copy the hardware Id displayed in the tab and send an email to with the license ID.

  5. Once Imagecom receives the license request, we will send you an non expiring hardware locked license. Note that this license is valid only for the machine PDP was initially installed. Save the license file in the PD Porter install location

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