Show commonalities and repetitive tasks | Receive process assisting tools

Solution highlights

Reads text within:
  • Documents (.pdf, .xls)
  • Drawing file name(s)
  • Note(s)
  • Table(s)
  • Text (multiline, block, etc.)
Text data output:
  • Configurable stored options
  • Fixed versus unique fields
  • Control Size, color and layer
New drawing fills:
  • Title block
  • Revision history
  • Notes table(s)
  • Distribution statement
Unique vendor 2D/3D schematic:
  • Select viewport
  • Select References
  • Specify colors and layers
  • Scale up or down
Fits in standard template without
losing any design intent!

Delivery of multiple vendor inputs to a standardized customer

Autocad Mechanical 2009 [.net application]

This is an example of:

  • Generic form of a customer solution
  • Multiple process tools
  • Built to work as a whole
  • Utilized individually