Conversions and Translations | 2D to 3D to 2D

Training / Support
  • Model Based Definition (MBD):
    • Annotated 3D CAD Models that contain all the information needed to define a product.
  • Advanced CAD Design Efforts: 
    • The past few years have seen a significant shift in the way computers aid in the design, manufacturing and the lifecycle of products. 

  • Government CAD Data:
    • Imagecom has been working closely with many organizations, most closely National Institute of Standards (NIST) and the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command (TACOM) in the implementation of MBD-based model schema.

Conversions and Translations
  • Mastering the 3D Model:
    • Using a single source of information for a revised product allows CAD data to be reused in a more efficient manner. Instead of creating separate documentation files with drawing(s), reorganized data can be taken directly from the 3D model.

  • From 2D to 3D:
    • 3D models replace the traditional drawing and provide a method of communicating engineering data that is more intuitive; and complex 3D orientations are quicker to understand and utilize.

  • Updating from Legacy formats:
    • Maintaining the 3D model as the sole source of product information does away with the need for 2D drawings created after the fact. Using a single file creates fewer opportunities for discrepancies between revisions and reduces the cost of maintaining the relationship between models and drawings.